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how to create an ideal past

acrylic on cardboard
60 x 60 x 60 cm

This installation (part of my Ph.D. project at the University of Southampton) is dedicated to Ivan Georgiev-Rembrandt, an artist who is forgotten. He chose not to exhibit his paintings as a rebellion against the nationalized and domesticated art of Socialist realism. In my installation, I made 6 different versions of the self-portraits of the artist, which he painted throughout his life. I tried to recreate the colors and shapes that changed in his self-portraits, as in his art practice we can clearly see a tendency from figurative to abstract art.

The images in my installation are fragmented, the whole face is not visible, just as my knowledge of this artist is inevitably fragmented, as it passes through institutionalized or incomplete sources.
The images in the installation can be seen only through a few holes on all sides of the white cube, just as it is difficult to see the works of the so-called underground artists from the communist period in Bulgaria.

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